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Supercharge Your Activism.

Transform The World.


The #1 online course for vegans who are ready to lead the charge in creating a more compassionate world 


Do you ever feel like you're not making a big enough impact and wish you could do more to help the animals?


Do you feel frustrated or angry because no one ever seems to hear your message?


Do you have unique gifts, talents, and skills that could help accelerate the vegan cause, but have no clue how to put them to use?


We understand how it feels...because we've been there.




The vegan journey can be extremely isolating at times.


You may be feeling lost, directionless, drained, and even powerless.


And the only way you know how to help is by:


  • Sharing the latest animal cruelty video on social media, crossing your fingers that your non-vegan followers will see the world how you see it.
  • Spending your free time after work, attending rallies, marches, screenings, and protests.
  • Learning how to cook the most delicious meals for your friends and family, hoping that they'll FINALLY decide to make the switch.
  • And the list goes on and on....


But what if there was a way you could do more??



Tapping into your unique purpose and using it to contribute to the movement


Releasing all the blocks, fears, and limitations that have been holding you back from reaching your greatest potential


Seeing your passion for the cause come to life in a project, service, business, or event


Feeling confident and strong when sharing the vegan truth


Channeling your anger and frustration into inspired action that will get people to listen


Feeling empowered and energized because you see real change happening



Sounds great, right?


Well, all of that is possible....

Introducing Path of a Vegan Warrior

A revolutionary program that will equip you with the tools and resources to help you live a more empowered, meaningful life, unlock your inner greatness, become a strong voice for the voiceless, and so much more!

Discover Your Best Self

Connect with your body, expand your mind, and elevate your soul so you can begin living a more purposeful life

Reach Your Full Potential

Release limiting beliefs and fear that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Gain Clarity and Confidence

Cultivate the clarity, courage, and confidence to spread the vegan message in a way people will actually listen

Fuel the Vegan Movement

Armed with your purpose, you'll be able to change the lives of others and be that difference maker the animals need!

"The course brilliantly guided me step by step to new levels of hope, happiness, freedom, love, understanding, compassion, motivation, peace and so much more. I am eternally thankful!" 


“So happy to have invested in myself and this program, It was invaluable and life-changing. Chris and Sara have truly guided me to becoming a Vegan Warrior."



We believe the most significant triumphs are first won on the inside. And if we all want to CREATE A VEGAN WORLD, it’s crucial that we take the time to transform ourselves holistically, honestly, and humbly so we've created a 9-step system to guide you through this process.

  • Start Your Journey

    Welcome to Path of a Vegan Warrior 

    Start your journey off right with our Vegan Warrior Starter Kit 

  • Step 1

    Find What Makes You Tick

    Gather a deep understanding of your values—what’s working for you & what’s not

  • Step 2

    Explore Your Passions

    Dive into fun-filled exploration activities to help you follow discover your gifts and talents

  • Step 3

    Embrace Your Dark Side

    Identify and reclaim the lost parts of yourself so you can show up as the best you

  • Step 4

    Boost Your Communication

    Practice new ways of communicating so you can get your message across in a clear way

  • Step 5

    Connect With Your Life Force

    Move through a series of breathing exercises to calm the mind & enliven the body

  • Step 6

    Intuitive & Mindful Eating

    Guide you on a journey with exercises to help you eat consciously, presently, and in alignment with your highest potential.

  • Step 7

    Align With Your Soul

    Dance with the mystery of creation and design methods to connect with your soul

  • Step 8

    Manifest Your Vision

    Create a crystal-clear image of your ideal future so you can make your dreams a reality. 

  • Step 9

    Find Your Purpose

    The last part of your journey will guide you in bringing your purpose & contribution to life.

Here's Everything You Get

When you enroll in the Path of a  Vegan Warrior Course, you'll have everything you need to accomplish your mission


    Full access to full library of videos, workbooks, activities, tools, and more 

  • VIDEOS ON DEMAND (Value $397)

    Get immediate membership access to on-demand videos 

  • VEGAN STARTER KIT  (Value $297)

    Ease your mind, calm your body with in-depth meditations and visualizations 


    Stay organized with downloadable workbooks, activities, and exercises


    Join other warriors on their journey in this uplifting group with live Q&A's


    Ease your mind, calm your body with in-depth meditations and visualizations 


  • Vegan Warrior Toolkit ($97 Value)

    Dealing with stress, fear, anger, or resistance? The Vegan Warrior Toolkit will give you the skills you need to battle the elements

  • Time Management Workbook and Self-Care Checklist ($97 Value)

    Another great

    All in all, the value of this program is over $2397


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    Lifetime Access Guaranteed

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    What Others Are Saying



    This course taught me so much, most importantly, how to look inward to find the strength I need and how to find the voice just right for me to help awaken this vegan life for others. 


    THANK YOU for changing my life. I look forward to all of us making our world a better, more compassionate place to live for all beings!


    This program transformed me at my core. Thanks Sara & Chris for this wonderful experience and guidance and thank you all for sharing support!"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    What happens after I sign up?

    I don’t know if I can afford this.

    What if I don't like the course, can I have my money back?

    I’m sooooo busy! Will I have time to do this?

    I REALLY want to do this, I just want to be SURE. 

    Hi, We're Chris & Sara

    Founders of the Vegan Warrior Academy

    While becoming vegan was liberating, empowering, and life-changing for us, it was certainly not the last step.


    Shortly after going vegan, we hit a plateau...


    Feelings of joy, contentment, and serenity were soon followed by frustration, overwhelming helplessness, and isolation.


    We desperately wanted to shake everyone awake to the atrocities of the world, but we found our message was frequently misunderstood and stifled.


    We were left wondering, what's next? What's our purpose? How can we contribute to the movement and help liberate animals and this planet? 


    Something was missing...

    We realized that the most effective way to accelerate the movement and make an impact in the world was to first embody and exemplify in ourselves whatever changes we wanted to see so we decided to go on a journey that led us even deeper inward. 


    After many years of internal reflection and professional training in the fields of personal development, herbal medicine, detoxification, whole food plant-based nutrition, energy healing, and leadership we founded The Vegan Warrior Academy in 2017.


    We believe that everyone is born with their own set of unique gifts, talents, and skills that are meant to be expressed in a way that activates their soul, empowers others, and elevates the planet, yet through years of societal conditioning and pressure to conform these gifts become buried and limiting beliefs set in.


    So we set out on a mission to support and empower vegans on their warrior journey by giving them the tools, resources, and practices to ignite their personal growth, shed limiting beliefs, activate their inner power, and uncover their unique gifts so they can become a powerful voice for the voiceless, and contribute to the world and the vegan movement in a meaningful way.

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